Symptoms and treatment for bacterial vaginosis

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The bacterial vaginosis is an infection resulting from the existence of certain
bacteria massively imbalanced vaginal flora. It is a common problem that can
affect women and girls of all ages.
How to know if I have bacterial vaginosis

There are several symptoms of bacterial vaginosis that can warn us that we have
the infection and that, therefore, we need to see a doctor:
Burning when urinating.
Stinging inside and outside the vagina.
White or gray vaginal discharge.
Smell in the nasty vagina, sometimes similar to fish.
When you go to the doctor’s office , you will tell your health professional about
your medical history and your symptoms. Subsequently, the doctor will go to
explore the affected area in question. Most likely, you will use a cotton swab to
remove a sample of vaginal discharge. This same sample will undergo an analysis
in the laboratory.
How to treat bacterial vaginosis 
Once it is diagnosed the treatment to follow against vaginosis are antibiotic
creams or antibiotic pills. We must strictly follow the guidelines that the doctor

tells us to follow the marked calendar. Even if one feels well, the treatment must
end, or there will be a risk that the infection will reappear.
In addition, we can also carry out certain habits that alleviate the discomfort
caused by the symptoms.
Use products without alcohol or perfume in that area.
After defecating, dry from front to back.
Wash the vagina and anus with mild soap.
Dry well after showering.
Use soft underwear and do not tighten.
If the symptoms persist despite treatment or a worsening is seen, the doctor
should be visited again. On the other hand, if our partner is also female, it is
possible that we have infected him, so she should also go to the doctor.
How to prevent bacterial vaginosis
When it comes to preventing bacterial vaginosis there are several
-Try to maintain correct genital hygiene. It is not necessary to rub with excessive
-Do not wear wet underwear. Since it will facilitate the growth of bacteria (of
those that alter our flora) and limit the passage of air.
-Make a balanced diet. It is important to stimulate the immune system and there
is no more efficient way to do it than by maintaining a healthy diet.
-Practice sex with condom. Although it is not an STD (Sexually Transmitted
Disease), semen is capable of altering the vaginal flora, so if we have several
sexual partners, there is more reason to perform safe sex.
In general, the vaginal area contains a considerable percentage of healthy
bacteria in its interior along with others that can be potentially harmful. However,
this balance can be altered by factors such as douching.

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