Skipping breakfast has these consequences

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Do you know what the consequences of skipping breakfast are? We have
probably heard on more than one occasion that breakfast is the most important a
meal of the day, a theory that has the support of experts in the field. In fact, there
are many scientific studies that show the fatal consequences that suppressing breakfast can cause in our body; from an annoying feeling of tiredness to an increased risk of having a heart attack.

Study on the effects of skipping breakfast
To know the consequences of skipping breakfast, we will refer to a study carried
out recently by a team from the University of Bath (United Kingdom), directed by
Javier González and published in the Journal of Physiology . These scientists
wanted to analyze how breakfast affects the metabolism of thin people and those
who suffer from obesity. For this, they asked for the collaboration of 49 adult
participants, 29 of whom classified as “thin” and 20 as “obese”, according to their
body mass index.
“Skipping breakfast causes overweight, increases the chance of getting
cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disorders and causes bad mood”
All of them were asked to eat breakfast or fast until noon, every day for six
weeks. While those in the first group consumed about 350 kilocalories during the
next two hours after waking up, the seconds did not consume any food until

midday. After this period, the experts examined the markers of cardio metabolic
health of the volunteers, their responses to appetite and their distribution of
body fat. They also monitored the activity of 44 genes that regulate key proteins,
and the ability of fat cells to use glucose in response to insulin.
The results indicated that skipping breakfast for six weeks had increased the
activity of genes that help burn fat, something that was not observed in obese
individuals. However, in the latter the fat cells could not take as much glucose in
response to insulin as did the thin people. Researchers believe that it is a
mechanism of adaptation in people with obesity, in which your body is trying to
limit the amount of glucose that your fat cells can take, so avoid storing extra fat.
“By better understanding how fat responds to what and when we eat, it can help
us focus more on those mechanisms. We can discover new ways to prevent the
negative consequences of having a large amount of fatty body, even if we can not
get rid of it, “concludes Javier González, leader of the research.
Is it good or bad to skip breakfast?
There is a wide variety of opinions on whether skipping breakfast is good or bad
for your health. As an example we can name the study published in February 2014
in the Public Health Nutrition magazine , which concluded that adolescents who
have little breakfast or no breakfast are more likely to suffer from obesity, high
triglycerides, low levels of good cholesterol, hypertension and a high blood

On the other hand, another investigation of the School of Public Health of the
University of Harvard , previously published in Circulation in July of 2013,
indicated that men who do not eat breakfast have a higher risk of suffering a
heart attack. Dr. Leah E. Cahill, lead author of the study, says that “skipping
breakfast can lead to one or more risk factors such as obesity, high blood
pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, which in turn can cause a heart attack”.
Main effects of skipping breakfast
In general, we can summarize the main consequences of skipping breakfast in the

Bad mood and fatigue. Not acquiring enough energy to face the day greatly
affects our mood, and breakfast plays a key role in this regard. We must consume,
shortly after waking up, foods of great vitamin content to keep us at 100%.
Type 2 diabetes. This bad habit increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, since
breakfast helps us maintain a correct blood sugar level.
Cardiovascular diseases. Suppressing this food increases our chances of suffering
from cardiovascular diseases, since it in turn leads to problems such as diabetes,
high cholesterol and obesity.
It promotes overweight. By suppressing breakfast, our body will store any food
received as fat. In addition, we will suffer greater anxiety about food during the
rest of the day.
Gastrointestinal disorders. In the absence of food, stomach gastric juices begin to
release acids, which causes the stomach walls to become inflamed, leading to

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