How to avoid skin irritations

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The sport is one of the healthiest habits we can include in our daily lives, but it is
always advisable to take a number of precautions to avoid jeopardizing our own welfare

. With the arrival of high temperatures, together with the physical effort
that comes with a certain sport discipline, our skin may  redden as a result of our
extreme sweating and not carrying the right material, do you want to know how
to avoid skin irritations ? we tell it in the next lines.

The running,  or what has traditionally been known in society as “jogging”, has
become an increasingly acclaimed trend for people in the sports world as well as
others such as cycling and trekking. Especially with the arrival of the summer
season , the interest in this type of activities is awakening with greater force in
the interior of many who see in this type of habits the opportunity to combat the
concentration of these unnecessary fats in certain areas of our body .
However, beyond mere aesthetic issues, sports can become a recommended
habit to strengthen our muscles and avoid falling into obesity, causing many
different diseases. In addition, running is presented as the perfect escape route to
expel from our interior all that accumulated stress throughout the day.
However, despite the many advantages that a sport like the running can offer us,
the truth is that we must also be cautious when it comes to practicing it. One of
the risks to which we can be subjected, especially during the summer months, is
the skin irritation generated by excessive sweating, which arises from the
different pores of our skin when we make a greater effort than usual under
suffocating sunlight. The irritation in the most sensitive areas of our skin is in this
way as a real obstacle to undertake our sport in comfort.

How to prevent irritation in the most sensitive areas of the skin

In our hands, we have the resources and capacity to prevent irritation in the most
sensitive areas of the skin , starting, for example, by wearing quality clothing and
footwear, that is, away from synthetic materials or fabrics responsible for chafing
and irritation. mentioned before. In this way, we will obtain as a result a much
more red and rough skin, especially in those more fragile areas  of our body. We
are referring, for example, to the limits located around the armpits , place on
which we can apply a little Vaseline to avoid any irritation about it after the
Another of the most delicate areas are the thighs, for that same reason we have
to acquire tight clothing to the body, because those looser garments will cause
these thighs to end up rubbing and causing friction.

Neither can we forget about footwear , one of the fundamental pillars to be taken
into account by running enthusiasts, since the health of the feet will depend on it
to a large extent. In any case if, like clothes, we opt for quality materials, we will
not run any risk, as we can limit chafing and irritations.

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