How to avoid diarrhea and why it occurs

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Summer is around the corner, which means that it is almost time to welcome the
time of year characterized by the warmth and the desired vacations that, in many cases
, involve days or weeks outside. of home. It is the right time to talk
about diarrhea , since it is precisely in these months when it is most likely to suffer.

No one is free of having suffered it, to a greater or lesser extent, and it is well
known that it can spoil any plan : a day at the pool or on the beach, a weekend of
tourism or that trip to a foreign country that had once been been programmed to
The symptoms of diarrhea are known, especially abdominal pain, weakness and
nausea. But do not forget the dehydration that causes, especially relevant in
summer, at which time doctors place more emphasis on the importance of

Causes of diarrhea
To make matters worse, diarrhea can occur from multiple causes and from
different origins, although some of the most common are related to the intake of
food and water different from usual. That is why this holiday period increases the
alert , since one of the main charms that a trip entails is enjoying a different
gastronomy than what you are used to; even though that is where the risk lies.
However, medicine makes available to anyone a number of methods that help
protect the bowel from diarrhea, a prevention to enjoy a vacation without

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