How a healthy breakfast should be

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Do you know what is the formula to have a healthy breakfast? We give you some
keys so that you can contribute to your body, from early morning, the nutrients
you need.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, a statement that surely we have heard on
many occasions and that holds a great truth in his words. We only
have to look at the word “des-fast” (undo the fast) to realize that it is the effective
remedy to end those night hours in which we have consumed no food. Once the
ten or twelve hours of fasting have elapsed, the reserved ones of our body are
Studies conducted in this regard say that 8.2% of children and young people do
not eat breakfast, around 20-30% of school children do not have a full breakfast
and only 34% of adolescents use only 10 minutes to take Your breakfast.

How does a healthy breakfast have to be?
A healthy breakfast must meet some of the following fundamental characteristics:

  • The breakfast can not last less than a quarter of an hour , being advisable to do it
    seated and as calm as possible. If we eat food more slowly than usual, we will

ensure that food is assimilated much better and that we can make the most of its
-The healthy breakfast should cover, at least, between 20 and 25% of calories we
take daily, which is a quarter of our daily intake. With this last one it means that
taking a simple cup of coffee with milk will not be reporting the essential
-Breakfast should be composed of these basic groups: dairy, cereals, fruits and
healthy fats in the form of oils or butter.

  • We must ensure that breakfast is varied. The routine in this meal will make it
    lose attractiveness and, therefore, we end up hating it and neglecting it. One day
    we can choose to include a glass of milk with cereals, another juice and toast and
    a third, incorporate salty in the form of sandwiches and a fruit or yogurt.

What can you eat at breakfast?
The foods that should be included in this first meal of the day are:
-It should be formed by a food of the group of cereals , another belonging to
the dairy and other fruit. Within the first group we can find bread mold, toast or
even cereal bars. In the dairy field we would have milk, curd, fresh, semi or cured
cheese and, finally, in the case of fruits, we would highlight fresh and whole ones
in the form of juice, smoothie or smoothie.
-Together with these groups, a healthy breakfast should be made up of fats
such as olive oil, nuts, butter, margarine or coffee, as well as meat, fish or egg in
the form of tuna, tortilla or sausage. Also, vegetables and tomato, lettuce or
onion should be highlighted, as well as sugars in the form of cacao cream, jam or

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