How to know if I have anxiety: Symptoms and causes

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Anxiety,  in general terms,  is a mental state that negatively affects our health.

 If you think you have it, do not worry, it’s not your fault. Today we will  inform you
about its symptoms and causes  so you can confirm if you show these
manifestations and need professional help.

Symptoms of anxiety
Anxiety  can manifest itself in different ways  in our body and thought. The   most
frequent  symptomatological manifestations are classified in the following groups:
Psychological symptoms
Such as feeling  restless, overwhelmed or insecure . The feeling of emptiness,
strangeness, fear of losing control, uncertainty and difficulty in making decisions.
The  sense of danger  and the consequent desire to flee or attack not well
founded are also grouped in this set.
Physical symptoms
They manifest themselves in  problems such as tachycardia , palpitations or  chest
tightness . The latter usually cause  shortness of breath, tremors , sweating and
even in some cases digestive discomforts such as nausea, vomiting, or the “knot”
in the stomach.
Other symptoms of this field are the  alterations of the feeding , muscular tension,
fatigue and the sensation of dizziness and tingling.
It should be noted that  each person suffers from different manifestations of
anxiety , as well as the intensity of them, due to their biological predisposition.

Causes of anxiety
Although  an underlying cause  for anxiety is not yet determined , there are
situations that aggravate this problem. The general situations in which  anxiety is
usually manifested or increased are:
First,  the biological and hereditary factors . That is, if there is a history of nerve
problems and anxiety in other relatives.
At the time of childhood,  the family environment influences with great
connotation your strength and current mental security.
In addition, there are  other factors such as discomfort  with your current life
or  imbalances in our neurotransmitters  for bad habits such  as lack of sleep or
not eating properly.
Of course,  daily stress , which  is usually generated at work  or due to  problems
at home, aggravates the problem.
You may not identify with any of the causes  mentioned; If so, you must go to an
expert to determine them.
The  specialist in anxiety ,  Santiago Cid ,  clinical psychologist , resident in Madrid,
graduated from the  Pontifical University of Salamanca , with a  master’s degree in
Clinical  and Health Psychology and EMDR expert among other awards,  will be
happy to attend your case  of anxiety in particular.
In short,  your health is the most important , so  if you think you suffer from any
of the symptoms  mentioned and your situation  coincides with any of the causes ,
request as soon as possible  the opinion of a certified psychologist .

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