How to fight the heat in a healthy way

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Now that the heat is here we must take into account that high

temperatures  affect our body, which can be the cause of feeling tired, with a
headache, concentration deficit or, even in the most serious case, a heat stroke (
or heat exhaustion). So it is very important to be aware of this.
You must bear in mind that our body loses between 2 and 3 liters of liquid per
day  due to sweat, urine, breathing or perspiration of the skin and with the heat this
loss increases.
The importance of hydrating our body avoid all these problems, it is best to take the appropriate measures to prevent
them. In this regard, to prevent these effects, experts recommend first increasing
the consumption of liquids to avoid dehydration, ideally at this time is to reach an
average of 2.5 liters per day.

The ideal drink is water, although we can also take juices, tea, soft drinks, juices,
slush … without forgetting the fruits and vegetables.
It is best to drink plenty of water, as it is proven that water is essential to recover
the mineral salts that our body loses through sweat. Therefore the goal is to
drink water, in any of its variants and hydrate.
The juices, in addition, have great importance by the number of vitamins and
antioxidants that they possess. It is important to be very careful with salt and
alcoholic beverages, because above 10 degrees, can cause losses of liquid.
We must take special care of the hydration in people who are in risk groups such
as: children, pregnant women and the elderly as well as people who practice
sports that should avoid doing it outdoors in the hours of greatest exposure to
the sun.
In the case of the elderly, hydration is especially necessary since with age the
levels of water in our body descend.
So you know, this summer to take care of yourself make sure you keep your body
properly hydrated

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