Essential vitamins for eyestrain

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The eyestrain or visual fatigue is a common and annoying condition which
presents symptoms such as fatigue, itching and burning eyes; Although it is rarely

a serious condition, it is necessary to take certain common-sense precautions at
home and work that can help prevent or reduce eye fatigue, among them may be
taking essential vitamins for eyestrain.
Closing the eyes for a few minutes can help in visual fatigue; also blinking several
time helps to moisten the eyes and relieve eye strain, and taking regular breaks
from time to time helps relax the eye muscles, especially if they focus on a distant
the object for a few seconds.
Vitamins for eyestrain
Some vitamins help reduce eye fatigue or eyestrain, as below:
Vitamin A
It is an essential vitamin for the proper development of the eye and the function
of vision,you can find it in egg yolk and milk; Vitamin A is also conducive to eye
health in general and helps to prevent eyestrain.

The antioxidants present in vitamin A support eye health and can prevent
diseases related to the eyes ; Although the dose of vitamin A depends on the diet
of a person and the medical indication , it is considered safe when taken orally
in amounts lower than 10,000 units per day in the form of beta-carotene.
Vitamin C
It is useful to prevent eye fatigue , you can find it in citrus fruits, tomatoes,
strawberries and kiwis ; It also helps strengthen the eyes and prevent eye
diseases .

Lutein is a yellow pigment of carotenoids , present in fruits and vegetables yellow,
orange and red, very appropriate especially for those people who have clear eyes,
who have low levels of lutein and may be more prone to macular degeneration
; Lutein also works as a sunscreen and prevents visual loss caused by the passage
of time and is an essential vitamin for eyestrain.

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