Benefits of cognitive stimulation

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When we speak of cognitive stimulation, we refer to the set of actions whose
the objective is that those people who have suffered a cognitive deficit, whether due
to an injury, a neurodegenerative disease or an injury can increase their quality
of life, and improve this reserve in those populations considered " at risk".

Objectives of cognitive stimulation

Through the exercises of cognitive stimulation, it is possible to stimulate and treat
the affected areas and, through the daily effort, it is achieved that they receive a
greater functioning. In this way, the deterioration is prevented from advancing
and it helps to eliminate the disconnection with people or the environment while
we are gaining confidence in ourselves.
Language, memory, and attention are the qualities that benefit the most after
performing this type of exercise. As a general rule, elderly people occupy 90% of
attention in terms of cognitive stimulation, since over time it is normal that
memory loss or some type of deterioration occurs, however slight.
The activities that are usually carried out have to do with writing and reading,
orientation, recognizing images, shapes or sounds, playing with touch, copying
drawings and practicing attention and concentration, then trying to explain what
has happened or putting special attention to know if they have been attentive.
They may seem quite basic and simple exercises, but it is the first of the steps to
make cognitive stimulation take effect. In addition, it is shown that this "
games" mean that patients suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer's notice a
great progress and delay the progress of this disease.
Depending on the type of platform on which we want to base our cognitive
stimulation exercises, we can carry out some activities or others . Always

depending also on the type of person, because not all need the same attention or
move at the same speed.
Through this leisure time, the quality of life of the patients will be improved while
they have fun learning. Curious, right?
Neurological problems are something quite serious and we must pay special
attention if we do not want it to go further . For this reas, on we encourage all
those who have a friend or family member with this problem and start as soon as
possible to perform cognitive exercises so that they can benefit from each and
every one of its advantages.

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