Tips for parents during the first month of the baby

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 Has a new member just arrived in the family? The illusion surrounds you, but at the same time the tension and uncertainty because you do not know how to handle yourself in this new situation. The first month of the baby can be resolved smoothly if we take into account some of the tips that we propose below.

The fact of becoming a parent is one of the happiest moments in a person’s life, but it is also one of the most arduous tasks we can carry out to contribute to their proper development and growth. It is normal that during the first month of the baby you make mistakes, after all it is what makes you human. Although sometimes we forget, the baby will become the center of attention in the house, so parents should give up a part of themselves to attend to their care and remember that they are no longer a couple in love, but something else. 

We must remember that during the first month, the baby spends most of the day sleeping, more specifically from 16 to 18 hours, but wakes up for short periods of time to eat, about seven to twelve times a day more or less . 

Some of the essential care for the first month of the baby can be summarized in the following points: 

The moment of the bath 

With regard to the hygiene of the child, you must remember that it is advisable to bathe him daily, even though the umbilical cord has not yet fallen. 

To prepare the bath, it is convenient that you do it with warm water, between 36-37ºC, using a neutral soap and a soft sponge. At the end of the bath time, you should remember to dry the area of the folds very well, since the humidity could favor the formation of infections. Avoid, also, use canes for the ears, because we could damage them. 

When cleaning the genitals, in the case of girls try to do it from the vulva to the anus. When it comes to children, most are born with phimosis, not having to force the skin of the foreskin backward. 

Cut the nails and clean the ears 

Following the hygiene habits, with regard to the nails, it is advisable to cut them with scissors with a rounded edge. It is best to take advantage of the moment when they are asleep so they do not get nervous. You can also take advantage of the moment of leaving the bathroom because the nails will soften much more and it will be easier to cut them. 

In the case of eyes and ears, if they have legañas, remember to clean the eyelids with a gauze or cotton swab moistened with water, using a different material for each eye. With this same method, we will clean wax the outer part of the ears 

And the pacifier? 

The pacifier is something that causes great doubts to first-time parents. However, it is advisable not to use it until breastfeeding has been completed during the first month. At no time should you get wet in honey, sugar or other sweet substances? 


Feeding the baby … 

If we focus on the baby’s eating habits, we must remember that until the first six months of life, the most convenient for our little one is breast milk . Both the latter and colostrum, ie, the yellowish liquid secreted by the breast during the first two or three days will be useful to protect against possible infections. 

Oral health 

To prevent the formation of cavities, it is very important that if you use the pacifier do not spread it on sweet substances such as sugar or honey. In the event that you use a bottle, you should avoid sleeping by sucking the teat. 

Prevent accidents 

– Equally, if we want to avoid accidents we must avoid the use of approved products and that comply with safety regulations, both in the crib and in the strollers, bottles, pacifiers or toys. We should also avoid leaving the child alone on high surfaces without protection as in the bed or sofa because at this age may fall risk. 

Control crying 

Episodes of crying can last two to three hours a day, more than three days a week, usually occurring during the late night. Babies can cry because of hunger because they have wet diapers, they are cold or hot, they feel intense noises or cramps. 

How to change diapers 

When changing your diaper, you must wash your hands very well , choose a hot place and prepare the necessary utensils. And, is that, if you use disposable diapers, you should use a clean diaper and a plastic bag. In the case of gauze, you will need a clean diaper, safety pins and a waterproof underpants.

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