Tips for choosing daycare

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At the time of choosing a nursery for our little ones, we are assaulted a thousand and one doubts about which can be the ideal establishment where they take charge of the care of our son. From our Baby blog, we bring you some keys that can guide you in this process.

of strangers. For that reason, before jumping into the pool and opt for the first center we find, we have to ask for references and visit the selected establishments to clarify any doubts we may have about them.

Keys to choose daycare

When we have to choose a nursery for our children, we have to take into account a series of fundamental factors that we summarize in the following points:

Adaptation period

Before continuing, we must remember that the period of adaptation of our children to the nursery will vary depending on their age. Thus, for example, in babies under seven or eight months, the adaptation by the child is usually quite short, assuming a greater effort for the family the fact of detaching from their children. In this stage, children have less developed cognitive aspects, so they do not miss their elders too much.

From nine months to approximately 20 , the adaptations could be prolonged in time and intensified, especially at the time of separation, but they are passed as soon as they begin to enjoy their new routine. On the other hand, between 20 and 36 months , the adaptation does not exceed the week or 10 days, since in this period children have a very high social need and cognitive development to understand what is happening.

In any case, and whenever possible, we must ensure that our child begins the daycare before reaching 8 months of age, since, as we have seen before, at this age it is easier to adapt to changes. Or, we can also do it after a year and a half when it has already acquired enough autonomy to adapt to a new medium.

It is convenient that during the first days the child spends little time in the nursery in an attempt to get it to gradually adapt to the premises, as well as the company of other children and their care.

The choice of center

One of the most determining factors when choosing a school or another is the type of location and all the characteristics that surround it. Thus, for example, we have to consider its location, that is, the proximity to the home or place of work of one of the parents. The proximity of the center will help you to forge relationships with other children in the neighborhood. The advantage of having it close to home or work is that, faced with any eventuality that may arise, we can go faster to meet him.

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