The most important dental hygiene habits for children

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Do you know what dental hygiene habits are for most important children ? In the next lines, we bring you some ideas to consider. 

A good way to invest in the health of our children and contribute to the improvement of their own welfare would be teaching them the  most appropriate dental hygiene methods . And, is that by taking care of your teeth you will be transmitting the message to your little ones that their oral and dental health is something really important. 

Steps for good dental hygiene habits in children 

To help them avoid the formation of cavities and the risk of suffering from other types of dental conditions, it is very important to follow some of these steps: 

– On the one hand, you must instill the importance of daily brushing , choosing an appropriate brush based on the child’s age, equipped with an ergonomic and thick handle that can facilitate its proper handling. Thanks to this brushing, the bacterial plaque that has remained adhered in the form of a sticky film and that is the main cause of cavities will be eliminated. There are cases in which the cavities are too advanced to be solved with a simple filling and it is, at that moment, when you can resort to dental crowns . 

Another way to remove this plaque deposited between the teeth and under the gum, preventing it from hardening and becoming tartar is by means of dental floss . This type of tape is capable of reaching the brush can not, so that not only avoid the formation of interproximal caries, but also the formation of diseases in the gums. The age recommended by the experts to introduce dental floss is from 6 years when the children’s teeth begin to rub against each other. Until approximately 8 or 10 years, when they can take care of themselves in this sense, they will need the help of an adult. 

Following the habits of dental hygiene for children, it is important to determine that brushing should be accompanied by a paste or dental gel containing fluoride, the amount of which will vary according to age. These gels will help strengthen the enamel and reduce the chances of developing tooth decay. Equally important would be to finish the brushing with a dental rinse. 


Although all brushing is important, one is essential at night, because during the night we produce less saliva and our mouth is exposed to bacteria. 

As another of the habits of dental hygiene for children to consider should avoid the abuse of sugary foods. The stickiest ones, such as those present in gummies and candies, are some of the most harmful due to their retention capacity. Likewise, it would be helpful if children do not chop between meals so that exposure to sweets is not so constant. 

It is also recommended to go to the pediatric dentist at least twice a year to prevent any pathology. If the little ones get used to this type of professionals, they will avoid the development of the so-called odontophobia.

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