Does music really have benefits for babies?

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Premature babies who listen to classical music in the intensive care unit increase their weight, leave before the hospital and have a better chance of survival,” at least doctors such as Fred J. Schwartz say. We talk about the effects of music for babies , are you ready to keep up? 

Many studies agree that baby music is a powerful instrument to favor intelligence  since they provide functional structures in systems that are increasingly complex in the brain. However, it should also be noted that there are certain studies, such as the one prepared by the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), which confirm that very high music can affect your brain. After an exposure to sounds of 95 to 97 decibels, cell damage was observed in the offspring of various animal species. Something that could happen in people in their development stage. 

Likewise, there are scientists who do not hesitate to affirm that the music heard by the baby in the womb is remembered weeks after birth. It is a conclusion reached by a Finnish study, which highlights the fact that the highest levels of brain activity occurred in babies who had heard music during the last trimester of pregnancy, compared to others who had been exposed to her after birth. The music chosen was Mozart. 

At this point, we have to ask ourselves: what are the benefits of music for babies? Let’s see it 

Benefits of music for babies 

Some of the benefits of music for babies are the following: 

-Teaching the baby to appreciate music helps to prepare his brain to master the complex structure of language. We must remember that western classical music, chants, refrains and songs of early childhood contain all the essential rhythms and forms of language, whatever their language may be. 

-Studies show that children who receive music classes from an early age manifest having more motor skills than the rest, as well as more ability to learn mathematics and greater reading comprehension. 

-By means of encephalograms has been found that in the brains of the musicians who since childhood grew up with music there is more coherence in brain waves than those that developed without the company of music. 

-Baby music favors the development of language , as well as its ability to perceive patterns, a cognitive ability that can directly influence their long-term learning. And, is that, the language, like music, consists of rhythmic patterns and it is precisely the rhythm of the syllables that allows 

-By means of music, the child’s body expression will be more stimulated. Thanks to the melodic rhythms of different musical pieces, the child can improve their coordination and combine a series of behaviors. All this not to mention that it helps you to display your creativity and closer communication links with your elders. 


-The improvement at the communicational level is due to the fact that music helps stimulate the ear. The repetition of sounds and their frequency contribute to the understanding of words. 

-Very diverse studies and investigations realized on the matter have demonstrated that the music for babies is able to influence at cellular level, while it remains in the maternal belly. Such studies concluded that micro vibrations produced by music affected the rate of fertilization.This explanation was based precisely on the similarity with the peristaltic movements of the mother’s womb, which facilitated the elimination of metabolic waste, thus increasing the possibilities of fertilization. The effects of musical vibrations can disperse the toxic products, such as ammonium or free radicals, of crops, preventing them from accumulating, as happens naturally within the mother’s womb, with the aforementioned peristaltic movements.

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